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My 2 cents on Sports Marketing and what I learned from SMU Basketball this week

I have read several articles on stadium attendance, whether it is the NBA, NFL, College, etc. and what the organizations are doing to have a more fun atmosphere. I believe if an organization puts a good product on the field than the atmosphere will be exciting. If you have a bad product, no one is going to have fun and no one is going to come to the stadium.

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I had the pleasure of going to an SMU Basketball game this past week. It wasn’t a huge game from a standings perspective. It wasn’t a big rivalry game.  It wasn’t a game between 2 powerhouse teams. It was an important game as every game is for an up and coming team like SMU.  But there was no one outside the two teams that were really paying attention to the outcome. Bottom line, it was a game on the schedule.

It was a game on the schedule for every one but SMU basketball fans.  For SMU basketball fans it was their chance to show off to any and all newcomers who walked into the gym.  President Bush (43) was there.  Dejuan Blair, Jae Crowder, Casey Smith and others from the Mavs were there (I had no idea they were going to be there).  I ran into friends I hadn’t seen…

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